Vector Marketing offices do the Harlem Shake

After its two weeks of fame, the Harlem Shake is coming to a (much needed) close. But a few of our field offices thought they’d get in on the fun while it lasted.

Last week, those offices created their own version of the Harlem Shake.

Here they are for you to laugh at vote for which one you think is the… ahem, best?

(The one with the most views on YouTube from today until 3/4/13 wins the Harlem Shake-off)

Vector East Headquarters

CUTCO Factory Headquarters

North Shore Office – Chicago Division

Tampa Office – North Florida Division

Elk Grove Office – Nor Cal Division

San Jose Office – Bay Area Division

Buffalo Office – Empire Division

Oakbrook Office – Chicago Division

Long Beach Office – Southland Division

Rockville Office – DC Metro Division

Now, we may put the Harlem Shake to rest.