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Vector On-Campus

Since 1981, hundreds of thousands of students have gained real-world skills while selling CUTCO®.

Today, our collegiate partnerships are stronger than ever.




Partnering With Schools

We maintain active relationships with colleges and universities across North America. Because of our partnerships with campus career services, recruiters can often be seen on campus advertising the Vector Experience in a variety of ways.

Our goal on campus is two-fold:

  • To connect with career services professionals, academics, and campus administrators to make our work for students the best in the nation
  • To add value to students

Many of our local managers volunteer their time at schools to help judge business competitions, critique resumes, do mock interviews, and even guest lecture.

College Bowl

Through our College Bowl competition, we donate over $130,000 per year to the colleges and universities whose students sell the most CUTCO®. No strings attached.

CUTCO In the Classroom

Several prestigious universities offer higher-level sales and marketing courses based on the principles of the CUTCO sales program.

The students in these courses learn sales theory in the classroom and then apply what they have learned in the "real-world" by selling CUTCO®. This approach provides vital exposure to experiences that will give them an edge as they move on with their lives and future careers.

In fact, many executives at major corporations have shared with us that when they see experience with Vector Marketing on a resume, that resume jumps to the top of the pile. Those students who learn to sell CUTCO® in the classroom either earn a commission or have the chance to make a lasting change in someone's life by donating the proceeds to charity.

Selling Smiles 101

Selling Smiles is a program developed by Professor Derek Hassay at the University of Calgary, which gives students the chance to apply classroom concepts by selling CUTCO® to raise funds for the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada. To date, students have raised more than $150,000 for the program and have fulfilled 13 wishes! See photo above.

CUTCO In Textbooks

Several textbooks and academic papers have published case studies on us from a variety of angles – from our marketing channels to our recent efforts to go green in manufacturing.

See List of Textbooks and Academic Papers that Reference Vector.


Our reps have earned between 1 – 15 academic credits for what they learn and do while working here. The number of credits depends on the positions they hold, the school they attend, their major, among other factors.

Check with your school to see if you can earn internship credit while selling CUTCO®.

Current reps, check out VectorConnect for more information.

Academic Advisory Board

Our Academic Advisory Board consists of leading professors in the fields of sales and marketing. They provide advice and counsel to our executive leadership regarding important trends in marketing education and campus recruiting.


Victoria Crittenden, D.B.A.

Victoria Crittenden, D.B.A.

Professor of Marketing
Marketing Department
Boston College

Dr. Crittenden is a marketing professor at Boston College. Her research interests focus on Cross-Functional Strategies, Marketing Strategy, Direct Selling, Ethics and Corruption, Marketing Education, and Nonprofit Organizations.

Board member since 2000

Linda Ferrell, Ph.D.

Linda Ferrell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marketing and Creative Enterprise Scholar
Anderson School of Management
University of New Mexico

Dr. Ferrell currently serves as Associate Professor of Marketing and Creative Enterprise Scholar at the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management. Her area of specialty is in marketing ethics and social issues. Dr. Ferrell is the author of numerous books and articles on this topic and recently published "A Decision Making Framework for Business Ethics Education."

Board member since 2009

Joe F. Hair, Ph.D.

Joe F. Hair, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing
DBA program
Kennesaw State University

Dr. Hair is a professor of marketing for the DBA program in the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. His research interests include entrepreneurship, effective selling and marketing research.

Board member since 1988

Derek Hassay, Ph.D

Derek Hassay, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
Executive Education and e-MBA Programs
University of Calgary

Dr. Hassay is associate professor of marketing in the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. His research interests include relationship marketing (B2B and B2C), marketing channels and entrepreneurship.

Board member since 2001

Robert Peterson, PH.D

Robert Peterson, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President of Research
University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Peterson holds the John T. Stuart III Centennial Chair in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin. His areas of expertise include consumer behavior, marketing communication, marketing models, and marketing strategy.

Board member since 1988

Mike Williams, Ph.D.

Michael Williams, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing
Oklahoma City University

Dr. Williams is a professor of marketing in the Meinders School of Business at Oklahoma City University. His research interests are in the areas of customer-orientation, salesperson performance, and organizational culture.

Board member since 2001

Organizations We Support

We’re proud of our role as a corporate citizen, providing financial support and sponsorship of many organizations and academic institutions throughout North America.

Our 2012-2013 corporate sponsorships include:

We are a member of the following organizations:

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